Mini Tracer

The latest offering in GPS Tracking Technology, brought to you by My Tracer! This small, easy to use product is not only a basic cell phone, but a tracking device as well. The Mini Tracer will keep you in contact with your child wherever they are, and is approved by most schools.

  1. -- Limited to 3 outgoing numbers --

  2. -- SOS button for emergency SMS --

  3. -- GPS positioning on street map --

  4. -- Receive unlimited incoming calls --

  5. -- NO games, SMS or Chat rooms --

  6. -- Full parental control --

  7. -- View Child’s position on cell phone & PC at all times --

Mini-Tracer Security Benefits:

  1. -- This small affordable device has very powerful security benefits for its users. --

  2. -- My Tracer tracks the device via accurate GPS coordinates, and plots the movements thereof on a detailed street map, accessible via the internet and kept for three months. --

  3. -- The information is username and password protected. Logon to the My Tracer maps site at using your cell phone, tablet and/or PC. --

  4. -- The Mini Tracer has the ability to contact three assigned numbers, as well as a built in panic button to alert you, should your child be in distress. --

  5. --Our My Tracer system receives the SOS messages, and automatically responds by sending a SMS to the three emergency numbers programmed to the device. It then also sends a command to the device instructing it to report its location every 10 seconds thereafter. --

  6. -- The SOS message informs the recipients of the emergency situation, and informs them of the child’s precise location. --

  7. -- Not only does the device inform our system of the emergency, it also automatically dials the three emergency numbers, and our My Tracer 24 hour call center. --

  8. -- The individual that answers first will be able to listen in on whatever is happening at the crisis point. --

  9. -- Our well trained call center personnel will immediately log in and track the movements of the devise in real time. --

  10. -- They will then immediately call the SAPS, and stay in contact with the SAPS informing them of the child’s whereabouts.. --