Frequently Asked Questions

With SMS Fleet’s designated call center agents monitoring your units functionality daily, there is no need to test the unit yourself as we will advise you as soon as your unit encounters a problem.
The tracking device can be fitted to a number of places on your vehicle. For security reasons, the unit and its location won’t be identified, even to the vehicle owner.
No not at all because the installation of the unit and it’s function does not interfere with the vehicle’s electronic system at all. Should there however be a dispute and the Client can prove that it was the installation of the unit and or the unit itself causing damage to the vehicle, SMS Fleet (Pty) Ltd wil take full responsibility and handle the cost of repairing the damage and/or problem..
SMS Fleet (Pty) Ltd is accredited by the South African Independent Accreditation Services (Pty) Ltd. (SAIAS) and accepted by most insurance companies.
No, all SMS Fleet (Pty) Ltd.’s technicians are qualified and fully trained to install our units and never will never cut into any of the vehicle’s wiring. Upon installation the unit will not be connected to any electronic systems, only to a power source.
All My Tracer units are sold with a one year manufacturer’s warranty
Immediately contact ITA our vehicle recovery partner at 0860 482 911. You will be asked to identify yourself after which you may report the stolen vehicle or other assistance needed. Alternatively contact our call center immediately to have them assist you through the recovery process on 016 971 3038
The My Tracer tracking unit makes use of GPS and GSM signals and therefore will receive signal in all areas nationwide that have cellular network coverage. Should the signal be lost, our unit will buffer the information until the GSM connection is restored. The buffered info is then transmitted to our servers, which means that no information concerning the trip, will be lost.
Yes, you will simply need to log in to your tracking website with your username and password. Then click on “Purchase Online” and order a “vehicle swap”. Select the old vehicle and provide the new vehicle’s information and submit. Our Call Center will contact you to arrange for the unit to be moved from the old to the new vehicle.
SMS Fleet archives all our clients trip history information for 5 years.
The unit sends through its co-ordinates in 15 second intervals, ensuring that you can actively track your vehicle “Live”. This also provides for accurate distances in your logbook.
To ensure accurate SARS allowance claim calculations we recommend that you do this every 3 months.
Yes this is very important for the use of our automated logbook. Login to your tracking website and go to “Downloads”. Download the “Automated Logbook Manual” that will explain step by step how to setup your logbook.
Yes all fuel purchases, services, tyre changes and any other expenses must be added by you to maintain an accurate logbook for your vehicle.
We calculate a SARS accepted travel claim for taxpayers entitled to a business vehicle travel allowance. Vehicle expense reporting by date and travel allowance claims by employees of companies very easy to create.
Yes we have a very unique driver identification system, making use of the Cell Phone numbers of permitted drivers added to the logbook, to identify the driver and allocate a vehicle to drivers.
Yes the driver uses his/her Cell Phone registered as a permitted driver to dial *120 *1200 *101# All available unallocated vehicles will be shown to pick from. Select a vehicle and our server will allocate the vehicle to the driver. All trips made from that moment will show that this driver was driving.